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6 May
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I am an eighteen year old fTm in transition, if you don't know what it is, ask.

And now for random facts!

Let's start out with the pets. I have two cats named Tobi Won Kenobi, and Jasper Sebastien McAwesomesauce. One ferret named 0tt.
I'm a strange person who doesn't quite fit the "norm", but I guess that's everybody..
I'm scared of butterflies, high ceilings, yogurt in a tube and very tall women. Don't ask why, I know they're unusual, but they're scary to me.
Office supplies make me cream my pants.
The music is NEVER loud enough.
Yes, I smoke, and yes, I know it's bad for me.
I want to be a welder...
or a hairstylist..
or a tattoo artist...
I think that's all, if there's more you want to know, ask. I will tell you.
Also, representing C to the ANADA, bitch.

Also, AIM=patrickpancakes :D

<3 music
<3 movies
<3 computers
<3 dancing
<3 smoking
<3 sleeping
<3 fuzzy fabrics
<3 driving fast with blasting music
<3 shopping
<3 red bull!
<3 drifting in the snow
<3 driving across the lake when it's frozen

</3 people who chew loudly </3 not being able to sleep </3 no music! </3 no smokes </3 slow drivers and people that cut me off </3 when the cats decide my face will make a good landing spot </3 cold weather Yup. You just wasted your time reading my shizznatch. Huzzah! *flies away*
art, driving, guitar, itty bitty kitty toes, just ask., lots., lots.., smoking, tv